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    How to authenticate jmx-console?

    arabin Novice

      I am working with Jboss 3.2.2RC3 and I am trying to allow authentication for jmx-console. Under jmx-console.war I see several files I need to modify.
      I have to uncomment the line
      in jboss-web.xml

      Also, I have to uncomment
      An example security config that only allows users with the
      role JBossAdmin to access the HTML JMX console web application

      in web.xml

      Also, I need to modify

      It is not obvious how I need to modify those files.

      For instance, if I need user user1 with password password1 and user user2 with password password2 to be able to access jmx-console, I need to be able to set JBossAdmin role for those two users.
      How can I do that? I do not know how.