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    Attribute onshow of modalPanel doesn't work correctly

    Alexander Belov Novice

      Good day!

      I have just tryed to test my application and found a problem. Early I have used onshow attribute of modalPanel to set focus to the first element of inner form. It worked great.

      I have updated RichFaces libraries to 3.1.0 rc1 version and have a problem. Javascript code is calling, but focus is not staying on the first element. It seems that problem is connected with using inner links of modelPanel (user cannot see them). As soon as they appeared I have seen that focus is always staying on last link. Links have been created to block keyboard navigation behind modalPanel. And this works good.

      Problem is in onshow working. Is it possible to make it works after full showing of the page? I have tested - it works, but after that focus is moving. Can it be fixed? It would be useful to make it work as last javascript code.

      Thank you.