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    twiddle (using it to redeploy)

    shiva0 Newbie

      Ok I want to redeploy a entity bean from a command line. (will be use for autodeploy of changed packages in development).

      I run this:
      twiddle.sh invoke jboss.system:service=MainDeployer redeploy file:/D:\software\jboss-3.2.1\server\default\deploy\myBean.jar

      and I get this:
      java.lang.RuntimeException: No property editor for type: org.jboss.deployment.DeploymentInfo

      There is 3 different redeploy operations on that mbean. Is there a way for force twiddle to access the java.lang.String one instread of the DeploymentInfo signature?

      If not, I'll have to built my own "twiddle" interface accessing the MBeanServer and methods.


      (by the way that twiddle tool is great!) Just need a little more documentation! ;)