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    Management EJB

    Vikas Newbie

      I have couple of questions regarding JBoss 4.0 code I downloaded couple of days back.

      1) ManagementBean (SSB) implements createMBean method but this method is not defined in the remote interace (javax.management.j2ee.Management). Am I missing something or its a bug?

      2) All of the managed objects like J2EEDomain implement their corresponding MBean interface like J2EEDomainMBean. But I haven't been able to locate those interfaces. I don't think they are part of standard.

      3) I need some design advice here. If I create an enterprise application, shall I try to use managed objects in JSR 77 or I shall define my own Standard MBeans which have managed objects like myJ2EEDomain, myJ2EEServer. Why the managed objects in JSR 77 are not standard interface in javax.management.j2ee package?

      Thanks in advance,