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    MBean instead using EntityBean?

    Pedro Salazar Newbie


      this may be stupid, but since I haven't any experience with mbeans I
      would like to ask.

      Q: Can I create a MBean to overlap the functionality of an entity bean
      for the following purpose:

      -monitoring client connections:
      when a client access the system, login to the entity bean, and logout
      after job is done, limiting the connections for the type of service and
      client -> this is information is in the entity bean

      Why I intend to move from the entity bean?
      -slow and requires connections to database; when server goes down, I
      don't need to persist the connections ~ it must be 0).

      Another approaches:
      -stateful session bean -> no shareable for multiple clients
      -stored procedure -> still requires database, and no improvement of

      must guarantee:
      -work in cluster, if the server instance of mbean is goes down, the
      mbean must go to other instance retaining all the information.

      Pedro Salazar.