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    Circular Dependencies

    Mirko Novakovic Newbie


      "de107549" wrote:

      I was looking at the ServiceController and I am wondering how you manage circular dependencies.


      Service A depends on Service B and Service B on Service A.

      When A is created it is checked if all iDependOn Services have been created or are running. B is not yet create so A creation is suspended.

      No B is create. In iDependOn A is not created so B is suspended.

      As neither A nor B where created we never get to the point where the dependsOnMe list is interated an the create method is called again for the dependen services...

      So how is this problem handled?

      Another question...I didn't find a method where I can get a service (by name etc.)...can somebody tell me where I can find it.

      Thank you.