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    CreateCount and RemoveCount in JMX-console ?

    mandar Newbie


      "mandarm" wrote:
      Sorry for posting this question again. Earlier I posted this question in "Performance Tuning" forum. I thought that this might be the right place of this question.

      While viewing the JMX console mbean page of a stateless session bean, I can see the following numbers

      CreateCount 4000+
      RemoveCount 0
      Name StatelessSessionContainer

      1) Using JBoss 3.2.3 on linux JDK 1.4.1_02
      2)We have not changed any default settings related to pool size etc.
      3) This bean is called by remote clients using jndi lookup
      4) Clients do not call remove method.

      1) Why is this number so high ? Isn't there some max pool size setting which is 100
      2)Is this something to worry about as these many instance might take memory, resources etc ?
      3)Will it be better if all our clients (other intranet apps) call remove() after calling the business methods ?
      4)Why is the RemoveCount always shown as 0 ?

      Please advise.