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    Persisting unique XMBean service instances

    null null Newbie

      I have a system where I am attempting to have a collection of XMBean service instances of the same class. The services are configured as seperate entries in the jboss-service.xml file with unique names,
      eg. name="internal.logservice:service=FileLogService1"
      Currently I have only one logservice-xmbean.xml file shared by all the xmbeans of that paricular class.

      I am trying to persist the configuration information for each service instance and have found that the ObjectStreamPersistenceManager does not seem to differentiate between a particular xmbean instance. Looking at the code and testing this behavior confirmed this and I see that the ObjectStreamPersistenceManager will overwrite the specified file when the store method is called.

      I thought I could resolve this by writing a custom PersistenceManager; however, in the load or store method I can not determine how to access the unique service name. This led me to wonder if I am taking the correct approach. Any thoughts?