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    How to obtain various statistics from jboss

    Sri Newbie


      "vatsanc" wrote:
      How to get various statistics from a JBoss server like:
      - Servelets stats
      - EJB stats - lock count, beans in ready state etc...
      - database connection pool size

      Are there MBean for retrieving these stats ?

      Are these statistics available for every application or averaged for all apps in a JBoss server.

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          rameshs Newbie

          Hi !

          Since JSR 77 has been implemented into JBoss, you can query the MBeans with the following object name patterns to get the appropriate stats.






          If the StatsProvider is enabled, then these would generally be available for every application. You can also have a glance at the JSR 77 specification.

          I am not sure about whether JBoss provides the stats for the JDBC Resources.

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