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    Deployment throught JMX, problems on restart

    Andy Guy Newbie


      "guy_andy" wrote:
      I'm using 3.2.1 bundle with Jetty (migrating from weblogic). I deploy two files programatically using the MainDeployer via JMX. One is a data source file and the other is a ear file. All goes fine and the files are unpacked under the default/tmp directory. Everything is cool, until I restart jboss. If I restart jboss, the data source file and the ear file I deployed programatically do not get redeployed, though their contents are still under the tmp directory. Hot deploying is not an option either. If I call my program again to deploy again after startup, it will deploy fine but I get an exception saying that Instance is Already Registered. Then it will make another copy of the files under the tmp directory. How can jboss redeploy these already registered applications on startup?
      Thanks in advance,