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    RMI connector

    Greg Hinkle Newbie


      "ghinkl" wrote:
      Hi all. I'd like to be able to connect my application to different versions of JBoss via the RMI adaptor, but can't hit on a setup that works for all versions 3.x - 4.x. (with the correct library versions of course).

      I previously created a local ConnectorFactoryService and used that to find all available connectors on a server and then chose one to connect to. This seemed to stop working with 3.2.3 when the service stopped returning any connectors.

      I've switch to manually looking up the RMIAdaptor in JDNI at "jmx/rmi/RMIAdaptor" which works ok in 3.2.3 but not at all in 4.0. With 4.x, the jndi name appears to be back to the connector style "jmx:<host>:rmi". (But without the connector factory providing that, how will I know what host to use?)

      What is the intended and proper way to make an RMI connection to the JBoss JMX adaptor?