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    Using SNMP to manage my MBeans

    ajavadeveloper Newbie

      Hi, does JBoss have anything built in to support monitoring, changing, and stopping/starting JBoss MBeans and services via some 3rd party SNMP monitor program?

      I know there is the JMX console that can be used to change MBean attributes, but I was looking for a broader solution where I can manage every network component (monitor, start/stop services, change attributes). Where the network resources I want to manage might be: JBoss server, Database server, some HTTP web server, etc. That is, not all the resources to be managed are MBeans running in JBoss.

      It looks like there is a TrapdService and a SnmpAgentService MBean provided. The TrapdService MBean looks to just log SNMP messages to a log file and the SnmpAgentService MBean looks to listen to MBean notifications and translate them to SNMP messages and fire them off. It looks like that is part of what I'm looking for but not everything.

      Thanks for any help!

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          Dimitris Andreadis Master


          I've (and another collegue) have contributed the snmp adaptor.

          The trapd is more like a debugging aid - it logs traps.

          The SnmpAgent driven by configuration files maps Notification to SNMP traps and can be used for monitoring. We have used it to develop simple/custom MIBs and monitor things like network connections and other types of faults.

          The next natural step is to implement full get/set functionality. This would give you the ability to do the things you want.

          If people really need this, then jboss group maybe could sponsor it. Apart from the fact that SNMP is nothing but simple, the underlying SNMP protocol stack we've used (joeSNMP) needs extentions: it wasn't really meant for writing agents (but managers).

          Hope that helps
          Dimitris Andreadis

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            rameshs Newbie


            I believe AdventNet SNMP Adaptor for JMX would fit your needs. It has 2 offerings:

            1. An out of the box SNMP agent for the JBoss Application Server.
            2. An SNMP Adaptor for user-defined MBeans. Supports JBoss and other JMX implementations.

            The out of the box SNMP agent for JBoss is available as a single .war file, which when deployed offers extensive fault and performance management of the JBoss application server. Apart from implementing the JSR 77 MIB, it also monitors the memory and CPU of JBoss and alerts the administrator by sending SNMP traps and emails.

            The SNMP adaptor for custom MBeans aims at providing SNMP capability for existing MBeans built on JBoss as well as other JMX implementations (WebLogic, WebSphere, Tomcat, JMX RI, MX4J, TMX4J).

            With this you can support monitoring, changing, and stopping/starting JBoss MBeans and services via 3rd party SNMP consoles such as HP OpenView, IBM Tivol, BMC Patrol, etc.

            The product is available for free download and evaluation at the following URL.


            AdventNet Inc