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    Test case that extends JBossTestCase -- I need testjmx.jar!

    Luiz-Otavio Zorzella Newbie

      I want to write some JUnit tests that exercise some methods of an MBean I've created, and also check the deployment/undeployment of my ear file after each test is run (I'm having some problems with ServerSocket Threads left alive that shouldn't be, and these prevent a successful redeployment of my ear without restarting jboss -- thus the tests).

      I figured the easiest way to do this would be to extend JBossTestCase, so I wouldn't have to copy and paste all the nice wrapper work they've done for remote invokation of JMX methods and of the deployer.

      The problem is that the jar file testjmx.jar where JBossTestCase is compiled (or so I *think*) does not come built with the binaries of jboss. My option is to build JBoss from sources, but I'd rather not have to set up the entire compilation because of 2 classes...

      Is there any place where the jboss binaries are distributed *with* the testsuite jars included? Any other idea?