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    RelationService: implementation of purgeRelations()

    sinclair bain Newbie

      I have been familiarizing myself with the JBoss 3.2.3 JMX implementation.
      I came across the following code in the RelationService.purgeRelations() method (around line #820) where there is a call to <server.invoke> which requests that the #handleMBeanUnregistration method be called


      // It's ok tell the relation about the unregistration
       new Object[] { mbean, roleName },
       new String[] { "java.lang.String", "java.lang.String "} );

      The "signature" arguments describe two "java.lang.String" parameters however the parameter is a "javax.management.ObjectName".

      When running through this code using the test case the instances names a RelationSupportMBean which extends the Relation interface.

      Thus I am making the assumption that the intention is to invoke #handleMBeanUnregistration(...) on a RelationSupportMBean instance (at runtime an Exception is thrown, caught and re-thrown as a RuntimeException).

      In the Relation interface the #handleMBeanUnregistration(...) method signature is:

       #handleMBeanUnregistration(ObjectName objectName,
       String roleName);

      I have been unable to locate an implementation of #handleMBeanUnregistration(...) which accept two String instances.

      Can anyone help clarify the intention of this code segement and its correctness ?

      panacya inc.,