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    Design Approach Questions

    Bill Winspur Newbie

      Hi, I'm new to jboss and jmx, but would really like to exploit jmx to display and tune the activity in a cache of several thousand java objects.
      I've been planning to do this in a servlet and session context manner till now, but there would be advantages to to implementing the jmx interface on my cache.

      It seems that I could implement my cache as a datasource within jboss, which would expose its jmx interface to my managment apps in a very jboss-standared manner, and would be easy to incorporate into my server-side cache-using apps, after I implement a driver that accepts the commands currently used.

      My major uncertainty, is how would my cache-datasource access a normal data-source, e.g. oracle, from its non-servlet environment.

      Before I plunge into the source code, to figure out in detail how to do this, if anyone would care to comment on:

      Easier ways to achieve the goal of jmx access to the cache,
      The feasibiliy of the above approach
      Places in the jboss code showing one datasource using another
      Any other comments, warnings, advice, encouragement

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          marc fleury Master

          exposing JMX interfaces to ANY object is a simple thing. We expose the EJB caches through JMX so there are some code examples.

          Exposing the cache as JCA sounds very overkill to me. You want to manage it with JMX sure sure, but accessing it should be simple java.

          Finally if you are going to write your own cache... take a look at JBossCache. It is a fairly advanced implementation and it is stable today (being productized but the code is really there).