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    Singleton Service

    x0004989 Newbie

      Hi I am trying to achieve the following:

      1. I dont have a database (except the one supplied with JBoss, dont know
      what it is called)
      2. I want access to few very simple objects, like sessions which can be retrieved from multiple servers.
      3. I can change these data objects from any server (very infrequently),
      but I want the changes to be reflected on all servers (clustering data)
      4. I want gurantees so that the data on the server which fails is available on other servers.
      5. I used the JBoss singleton service, and was accessing using HAJNDI over a RMI connection. Is that actually supposed to work.
      6. Is there any alternative I can look at to make this work. Please let me know soon. I am very close to a deadline and I need to get this working.

      Adoito Haroon (Software Engineer)