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    use JMX for socket based client/server management

    lycheel Newbie

      Not a jboss specific question, but having been using Jboss JMX, I think
      this is a good place to get some ideas on JMX.

      I'd like to know how to apply JMX to old socket based client/server
      applications where clients and server are distributed. Being new to JMX,
      wondering how I should create MBeanServer:

      just one on the server side or one each for the client?

      If there is only one MBeanServer, how should client mbeans register
      themselves to MBeanServer which sits in a different JVM?

      If there are multiple MBeanServers(each for one client), will these
      MBeanServer know each other and be managed?

      Many thanks.

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          Dimitris Andreadis Master

          The simplest thing you can do is to implement your services as MBeans and have them run (deployed) inside a JBoss instance.

          Then clients could remotely connect to the MBeanServer of JBoss and make use of the new services.

          This will buy you

          a) managability of your services
          b) remoting implementation for free

          Clients don't need to run MBeanServers inside them, unless you need to manage them as well, but then it gets complicated.