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    SNMP Adaptor

    Dimitris Andreadis Master

      Moved here from the developer's list:

      We have to monitor and do some management thing JBoss services and some BL Beans from BMC Patrol.

      We are evaluating AdventNet SNMP Adaptor that provide a good solution to do that, I think.

      Do JBoss have an SNMP Adaptor implemented? It is planned in JBoss 4.0?
      What is your opinion to integrate JMX to Patrol with AdventNet?
      Do you know other SNMP Adaptor implementations?


      Since 3.2.2, there is an snmp-adaptor included with JBoss. If you want to map JMX notification to SNMP traps, it will probably do the job.

      It doesn't support get/set functionality, though.

      In any case, it good to post requirements of yours to plan for furture enhancements.


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          emislej Newbie

          we want to monitor the state and performance of the JBoss AS and our BL Beans via custom JMX MBeans. In our company we have BMC Patrol and it works well with SNMP tech (i.e traps and MIBs)

          An SNMP Adaptor would be a good aproach to do this.

          In the other hand, it would be great to manage this MBeans by the same way, like map SNMP set to MBeans actions (i.e restart, shutdown)

          We found AdventNet SNMP Adaptor for JMX R5, and this product seems to work fine. Do you know it?

          Before buying AdventNet SNMP Adaptor for JMX R5, we want to know an open source solution.

          Thanks, Ernesto

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            darren hartford Expert

            Same here in wanting more information to help manage Jboss, although maybe less specific. Is there something more basic like the JSR-77 or something similar over SNMP? The VM used by Jboss is taking this much CPU, Memory, Min/Max configured Memory, etc...very basic stuff just like normal node/system management.

            I looked at AdventNet as well, but do not like that they are the only player in the market - if they are a better solution I would rather it's better because no one else has been as successful versus them being the only solution ;-)


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              emislej Newbie

              AdventNet is not the only player.
              Sun have a product called JDMK (Java Dynamic Management Kit) with similar features.
              JDMK interact with Sun JMX implementation; and move to another JMX implementation, in order to manage JBoss, is not a good idea. And is much expensive!


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                rameshs Newbie


                AdventNet SNMP Adaptor for JMX has 2 offerings:

                1. An out of the box SNMP agent for the JBoss Application Server.
                2. An SNMP Adaptor for user-defined MBeans. Supports JBoss and other JMX implementations.

                The out of the box SNMP agent for JBoss is available as a single .war file, which when deployed offers extensive fault and performance management of the JBoss application server. Apart from implementing the JSR 77 MIB, it also monitors the memory and CPU of JBoss and alerts the administrator by sending SNMP traps and emails.

                The SNMP adaptor for custom MBeans aims at providing SNMP capability for existing MBeans built on JBoss as well as other JMX implementations (WebLogic, WebSphere, Tomcat, JMX RI, MX4J, TMX4J).

                This product helps you in managing both JBoss and your custom MBeans through standard SNMP consoles such as HP OpenView, IBM Tivol, BMC Patrol, etc.

                The product is available for free download and evaluation at the following URL.


                As per my knowledge, JDMK doesn't offer SNMP management for JBoss out of the box. They do not implement the JSR-77 J2EE MIB. You need to generate the stubs and instrument them yourselves to get the data from JBoss. On the other hand, AdventNet SNMP Adaptor can be deployed directly and you can manage JBoss without any coding effort.

                Any technical queries related to AdventNet SNMP Adaptor can be to directed to agent-support@adventnet.com.

                AdventNet Inc

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                  Dimitris Andreadis Master

                  I don't have first hand experience with AdventNet's product, but it certainly looks complete.

                  The freely-available snmp-adaptor that comes with JBoss needs work and will probably be enhanced, if there is enough user interest (and spare time :), but always to the direction of covering the needs of the many (no fancy GUIs, etc.)

                  I guess, you just pick up the solution that solves your problem now, or you go ahead and make your own contributions :)

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                    emislej Newbie

                    Thanks to all!

                    Greets, Ernesto