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    Integration of Different Products using JMX

    Muneendra Newbie


      We have three different products of Logistic Solutions Developed Using Java and Servlets. We sell these products beased on the cutomer needs.
      lets Say One Customer may need Product A and Product B and other Cutomer Need Only Product A. When Customer needs More than One product
      we have been distributing them as two different Applications.

      All these products are webApplications (we are using tomcat).

      Now we are trying to bundle all these Products as one and configure what every customer needs because of various reasons.

      Is is possible to integarte all these webApplications as one on JBOSS (I know its possible) and use JMX to configure the Required Application
      at deployment time(I am not Sure).

      We used Jboss for three other Applications (Not Products). All those are successful.

      Now we are planing to integarte Our different products into JBoss and make as One Product and configure required products at deployment time.
      (Like How jboss integrated Tomcat and other components)

      NOTE : All these Products are Different

      Did any body has done these kind of work with JMX ..

      Kidnly Share your ideas and experience

      Thanks And Regards