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    XMBean via JBoss.net

    Dennis O'Flynn Newbie

      How do you expose an XMBean as a set of web services via JBoss.net?

      It is possible to define a MBean to be used with JBoss.net using the steps defined on http://www.jboss.org//developers/guides/jboss.net/xdoclet.

      However, this does not work for XMBean.

      The problem seems to be with the Java class associated with the MBean. For a normal MBean, the class is the one defined in jboss-services.xml. However, for XMBeans, the Java class is "org.jboss.mx.modelmbean.XMBean". Consequently, AXIS is not able to perform its reflection on the appropriate class.

      When accessing MBeans via JBoss.net, there is a handler class "org.jboss.net.jmx.server.MBeanProvider". I could not find the equivent (e.g. XMBeanProvider) for handling XMBeans.

      I would much rather use XMBeans. But, I'm ready to convert them to standard mbeans to get this to work.