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    problem with remote client jmx nofications via rmi

    John Emerson Newbie

      Using 323, I have a remote client that recieves jmx notifications by implementing RMINotificationListener. I instantiate many of these clients. They all receive notifications correctly.

      However, if I kill one of the clients (just as my users do with 'kill -9' whenever they feel like it), the server from then on throws exceptions whenever it trys to notify. The exceptions can be seen in my previous post from March 16.

      Apparently, the listenerMap in NotificationBroadcasterSupport still has references to the listeners in the client that I killed. What's more, it looks like NotificationBroadcasterSupport doesn't even know there's a problem since the exception gets eaten in NotificationListenerDelegate.

      Is this a known problem?