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    How can I prevent duplicate sheduled task during redeploymen

    Leonid Maksimshin Newbie

      I have a question about scheduled SLSB which is triggered from scheduler mbean. When running task is started from scheduler, some (not very long) time it's hanging and I shouldn't redeploy application during that period. If I do, there will be duplicate instance of my running task - unacceptable situation. I think this is very common combination of scheduler plus SLSB ?

      1. Should I stop my running task during an undeploment period ? How can I do that ?
      2. May be it is possible to tell JBOSS not to start this task in the new deployment until the same task from the old deployment is completed ?
      3. May be I'm doing something uncommon and there is better way to periodically run task, that must be only one for JBOSS instance ?

      Best regards.