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    how to give policy file after deploytime?

    nickpac1012 Newbie

      Hi, I am interested in jboss development, and am doing some work with JSR77. I have a problem , and I hope someone would help me!

      The AS will construct a lot of deployedObjects after it deploys all the applications, and I will get a lot of mbeans. At this time, if I want to control the access bewteen these mbeans, and between mbeanserver and them, I should give a policy file, which grant the permission about each of the mbeans. How can I do this? To give policy file to an application, I found people always use
      "-Djava.security.policy=xxx" as parameter when startup,but when startup, I even don't konw what mbean i will get at all! I think the pretty order may be as followed:
      1. AS startup
      2. as deploy all of the applications
      3. through a management tool, I get all the mbeans
      4. make my policy file according to the mbeans I've got in step3.
      5. let system reload policy file, and no need to restart my AS.

      Is this posible? Or, is there any more good ways to do so? Any suggestion will be helpful! Thanks in advance!