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    Bug in ModelMBeanInfoSupport constructor?

    Martin Sarabura Newbie

      I was having troubles setting up persistence for my test XMBean using v4.0 DR3, so I dived into the code and fixed it. Or at least, it works for me. Basically, the constructor

      public ModelMBeanInfoSupport(String className, String description,
      ModelMBeanAttributeInfo[] modelAttributes,
      ModelMBeanConstructorInfo[] modelConstructors,
      ModelMBeanOperationInfo[] modelOperations,
      ModelMBeanNotificationInfo[] modelNperations, Descriptor mbeandescriptor)

      at line 179 doesn't use the last arg. The method setMBeanDescriptor() is passed createDefaultDescriptor(). I think it should be passed mbeandescriptor. When I put in this change and re-ran the code, it worked. Thus it is now:


      Note that inside setMBeanDescriptor if the arg is null then it automatically creates a default descriptor for you so you need not check for null. Is this fix correct?