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    Is RMIAdaptor supports for JBoss further versions?

    Srikanth Kondeti Newbie

      Hi Scott..

      Thanks for ur valueble replies.

      As u mentioned that decison is up to me whether I should to for ManagementHome with MEJB stuff or with RMIAdaptor to lookup.

      Is that RMIAdaptor concept will be support for Jboss further versions also??

      Is there any way to proceed with MEJB concept without copying ejb-management.jar into deploy folder ..

      Becoz we can't manually copy that jar in client machines where Jboss running..

      So please give the brief clarification.... We are trying to find based on JMX that Jboss server is running in this machine and these are the configurations for Jboss.

      We are planning to proceed with RMIAdaptor.

      Srikanth Kondeti