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    What are the required MBeans for actual JMX part?

    Srikanth Kondeti Newbie

      Hi all...

      Here we are into Developement of JbossAgent.java by which we have to discover and identifies that Jboss server is running in the remote machine or in local machine.

      As we looked into Jboss we came to know that its completly built on JMX technology apart from Weblogic and WebSphere.
      In Weblogic we have MBeanHome which will do all the operations by make use of instance of that MBeanHome.

      Is there any particular kind of general MBean for Jboss... So that we will use that in Agent.

      We have bought both JMX by Marc Flury and Jboss Administration by Scott .
      But that was discussed abt 2.x series.... But we are using Jboss 3.2.3 version.

      So pls. do needful for me How to proceed further to Figure out the Model as well as Agent.

      Srikanth Kondeti