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    Using MBean for managing application

    hasso Newbie

      Hi there,

      I've just written a small application which consumes messages via an MDB and uses a set of sessionBeans to compute it.
      Now i want to add some monitoring capabilities (e.g. how many messages at all, how many failed...)
      I think using an MBean could be a good idea. I spend that day reading intros to JMX/MBeans but everything is quite system-level. So I'm not sure if I'm right asuming that architecture:
      - I will add a MBean which has properties like totalMsg, totalErrMsg and so on
      - My Beans will lookup that MBean and set the attributes. The EJBs won't implement the MBean interface
      - The MBean should go into a special .sar-file - not in the same archive as the application.
      Am I right?
      When you think I could realize it that way I will have the problem to implement it. Has anyone a good "how to"? Writing the MBean is not a problem, but generating the needed files, knowing which files to generate, where to put and so on.