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      sorry I already post this message to a other forum, but since to less people had taken a view, it was the wrong forum.

      I'm in the process of integration jboss in eclipse to use eclipse as j2ee gui. (sf.net/projects/jstaff) The trick is that the jboss inside of eclipse is part of an jboss cluster and so all services of jboss like transaction security and so on can be used in the client since both running in the same jvm.

      Anyway i have some serious problems with class-loading i try to fix since some days.

      Actually i have a own JbossMain class and just assign the eclipse classloader to jboss.

      Classloader parentCL = getEclipsePluginClassloader();
      Server server = loader.load(parentCL);

      Thats working fine with one important exception: The JBossRMIClassLoader. I had read that the RMI try to find RMIClassLoaderSpi in the systemClassloader. Of course since i use the eclipse classloader as root for my jboss start up it could not be found.

      15:58:08,684 WARN [ServiceController] Problem starting service jboss:service=Naming
      java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org.jboss.system.JBossRMIClassLoader
      at java.rmi.server.RMIClassLoader.initializeProvider(RMIClassLoader.java:679)
      at java.rmi.server.RMIClassLoader.access$000(RMIClassLoader.java:93)
      at java.rmi.server.RMIClassLoader$1.run(RMIClassLoader.java:103)
      at java.security.AccessController.doPrivileged(Native Method)
      at java.rmi.server.RMIClassLoader.(RMIClassLoader.java:100)
      at sun.rmi.server.MarshalOutputStream.annotateClass(MarshalOutputStream.java:78)

      OK, my next idea was to do not use the JBossRMIClassLoader so i comment the section out from my jboss-service.xml.
      This solve the classnotfound problem but of course provide more trouble on other pleases.
      I cant start up the jnp server.

      16:13:23,055 INFO [NamingService] Starting jnp server
      16:13:23,059 INFO [NamingService] Started jnpPort=1099, rmiPort=1098, backlog=50, bindAddress=/, Client SocketFactory=null, Server SocketFactory=org.jboss.net.sockets.DefaultSocketFactory@ad093076
      16:13:23,093 ERROR [NamingService] Could not start on port 1099
      java.net.BindException: Address already in use

      The really stranger thing is that i had made serveral port scans and I'm sure the port is free!

      I run apple jdk 1.4.2 on mac os x 10.3.3. with a jboss 3.2.3 jetty inside of eclipse 3 m 8.

      Please has some one any idea where i can search the problem? I was searching in the forum, google, commercial documentation and so on, but did not found any useful information.

      Thanks for any hints.