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    NotificationListener performance

    John Adams Newbie

      I have written a series of MBeans (and associated JUnit tests) that perform the following code within its start() method:

      MBeanServerNotificationFilter filter = new MBeanServerNotificationFilter();
      getMBeanServer().addNotificationListener(new ObjectName("JMImplementation:type=MBeanServerDelegate"), regListener, filter, null);

      I am also performing a JNDI lookup of the MBean server (using the RMIAdaptor method). When the stop() method of the MBean is called the notification listener is unregistered:

      getMBeanServer().removeNotificationListener(new ObjectName("JMImplementation:type=MBeanServerDelegate"), regListener);

      The first time I exercise the tests everything runs fine and all test complete. Every subsequent run the tests run much, much, MUCH slower. Any ideas on why the performance degrades?

      BTW: Running the tests within their own JVM/MBeanServer they do not exhibit this problem.