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    Register MBean using the jmx-console with jboss-3.2.2

    twister Newbie


      i'm a complete beginner in all the jmx stuff.

      i already made it, to register my first simple mbean by adding an entry to the the jboss-service.xml:

      <mbean code="test.Hello"

      This works fine and I can access my MBean through the jmx-console.

      in one of my book there is an example how to register an mbean with the jmx-console, using the mlet-service. but this example was written for an older version of jboss 2.4.1. and there my problems start.

      I'm too foolish to do the same with my jboss version 3.2.2.
      Okay, I managed it to load my classes after adding the mlet service.
      BUt what do I have to do, to register my MBean now??? I can't find the view to enter my data as it is explained in my book. The book says you have to enter the domain, keys, and the java class). But I only can find the following method:
      registerMBean(Object arg, ObjectName arg, Map arg)

      Do I have to use this method? What do I have to enter to get my example running? Mainly, I don't know what I have to insert in the Map field.

      I really would be glad, if there is someone who can help me.