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    XMBean Notifications Not Visible in JMX Management App. Why?

    Jim Boone Newbie


      I wrote a XMBean and defined notifications consistent with the jboss_xmbean_1_0.dtd exactly as shown in Chapter 2 of the JBoss Development and Administration book. Everything deploys fine, but for the life of me, I cannot see the bean's notification events in MC4J!!

      I compiled and deployed the chap2-ex1mbean1.sar file that is generated from the sample code from the book and deployed it with no problems as well. When I went to my managment console to see what notifications were present for the chap2.xmbean:service=JNDIMap, none were shown! This tells me that the example code must be missing something. How can I coax JBoss into exposing my notifications?? Thanks in advance for your help.