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    Suggestion Box Isssue

    hemal shah Newbie

      Hi ,

      I am having an issue with richfaces suggestionbox, where in i am getting a list of data from the method ,but it does not pop out the data onto the screen. (JSF)

      here is the code for the jsf

      <h:inputText id="country" binding="#{Customer1.inputText3}" rendered="#{Customer1.update}"/>

      <rich:suggestionbox height="10" width="10" var="countryLists" for="country" suggestionAction="#{Customer1.getInvoiceCountries}" fetchValue="countryLists.countryName">
      <h:outputText id="value1" value="#{countryLists.countryName}"/>

      countryLists is the name of the arraylist that i am returning from the method which essentialy is list of a ValueObject. (A bean)

      Any help would be highly appreciated, Thanks in Advance