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    Accessing an EJB JNDI env from outside (e.g. from an MBean)

    Gregory Chazalon Newbie

      Hi JBoss users,

      I am trying to access an EJB environment variable stored under the bean's java:comp/env namespace, from a custom MBean. The purpose is to make my EJB highly configurable, by shipping it with an associated MBean, which can change dynamically its JNDI env entries via the JBoss console.
      But when I try to access the java:comp/env of this EJB from the MBean, I get an exception telling me that the env is not bound. Of course this is understable since I'm trying to access this env from outside the EJB, but are there any workaround to do so ? How can I specify the JNDI lookup that I try an outside bean access ?
      Maybe by using a more precise JNDI prefix...

      Any help appreciated.