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    Hot Deployment Problem with MBean / Shared Jar

    Chris Nobles Newbie

      Were currently running JBoss 3.2.3 in production environment and have run into a problem with an MBean and hot deployment.

      MBean is deployed as XXX-service.xml. The mbean relies on one shared jar file also deployed in the server/deploy directory.

      When a change is made to the shared jar file and it is re-deployed the service picks up the change in underlying classes the first time the shared jar is deployed since server startup. (Have to touch the service.xml file for this to happen).

      After the first re-deploy of the shared jar file all future deploy's are not picked up by the service. JBoss is not generating any error messages and is flagging the re-deploy of both the shared jar and the service as successful.

      I have tested this in the latest (3.2.5) build and have the same problem.

      I have also tried packaging this service as a SAR and have the same problem as above (when sar is a directory instead of archive redeploying files in the sar directory and touching the jboss-service.xml in META-INF result in same deployment problem as above).

      Any suggestion/confirmation would be greatly appreciated.