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    Installation Help -- JavaScript

    David Phillips Newbie

      Disclaimer: I know this is a pitiful newbie question, but I can't find the answer on the forum or in the install instructions. Here it is: I've installed RichFaces into my project, including the web.xml filter, but when I fire up my app, none of the javascript libraries are being included on my page. That is, when I try to create a tree component (the reason for which I downloaded RichFaces), I get a "Tree is not defined" javascript error when hitting my page. I tried the basic echo page mentioned in the install guide, and it renders the "Simple Echo" tag and input box as expected, but the onkeyup event throws an "A4J is not defined" javascript error.

      The relevant portion of the web.xml is:

       <display-name>RichFaces Filter</display-name>
       <servlet-name>Faces Servlet</servlet-name>

      RichFaces tags are being rendered, but the javascript libraries are not being included. Can anyone see what I'm doing wrong?