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    Classloading in SARs problems

    youngm Novice

      I have a large application that I am not deploying in a single .ear. It consists of several web applications and several SARs. One of my SARs is a HibernateFactory. The other uses the HibernateFactory. When I deploy my second SAR I run into classloading problems so I added:


      to my jboss-service.xml

      Now the classloading problems disappeard however whenever I attempt to lookup the HibernateFactory from the second SAR it returns "null" from JNDI. All of the other deployments in my app that uses the HibernateFactory work fine but from within the SAR that I added the loader-repository to it returns null. The HibernateFactory is in JNDI so I don't get a NamingException it's just null.

      Any ideas? Do I need to do anything special to access something through JNDI from an isolated SAR?