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    Denis Kostousov Newbie

      I am new in JMX :-)

      I need to auto deploy some object into JNDI. To do it, I decided to create MBean:
      public class SelectorConfigDeployer extends SubDeployerSupport implements SelectorConfigDeployerMBean {...}

      public interface SelectorConfigDeployerMBean extends SubDeployerMBean {...}

      This MBean should load file "selector-cfg.xml", parse it to SelectorConfig object and bind to JNDI.
      What method (init,create,start,stop,destory) I should use to do this.
      What method (init,create,start,stop,destory) I should use to unbind object from JNDI.
      How is it to deploy this MBean to JBoss (I should create jar with clasees and META-INF/my-service.xml or some other?)?