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    Setting attributes for a DynamicMBean in deployment XML

    Eric Herman Newbie

      Does anyone have any experience with setting attributes in the deployment xml of a DynamicMBean? Feel free to tell me to Read The Fine Manual, but please include a pointer to the correct docs.

      It seems that "attribute" sub-tags are ignored for DynamicMBeans. Has this been your experience as well? Should I be using something other than an "attribute" name/value tag?

      -- Eric Herman

      I have created a sample "LightBulb" application and DynamicMBean that I can post if it would be useful.

      Here is my "lightbulb-service.xml" with the angle-brackets replaced with square brackets:
      [?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?]

      [mbean code="scratch.LightBulbDynamicMBean"
      [attribute name="color" value="red" /]