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    what does that warning mean (has no current tx!)

    davidchen Newbie

      Hi, there:

      I have an mbean deployed on jboss2.4.8 (lib/ext), which keeps getting datasource, dataconnection by calling:
      DataSource ds = (DataSource)initialContext.lookup("java:/DefaultDS");
      con = ds.getConnection();
      if(con != null) con.close();

      It seems that whenever I call "con.close()", it gives me the warning information like:

      XAConnectionImpl: org.jboss.pool.jdbc.xa.wrapper.XAConnectionImpl@9314f has no current tx!

      however, I tested the same code inside a stateless session bean, I didn't see that warning. Seems only happens on MBean.

      Could anyone please tell me:
      1. what does that warning information mean?
      2. what can I do to get rid of this warning? (I can filter that warning from my log file by changing log4j.properties, but, just doubt if anything wrong in my code).

      Thanks a lot

      David Chen