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    Registering Property Editors

    Oguz Kologlu Newbie

      I'm trying to add a new property editor for properties of type java.io.FilenameFilter.

      The FilenameFilter is used to set an mbean property that lives in a SAR. The property editor is also located in the SAR.

      I've added an entry

      in properties-service.xml:
      <attribute name="EditorSearchPath">au.com.editors</attribute>

      which defines the path to the custom FilenameFilter property editor.

      This really stuffs things with a deploy exception:

      org.jboss.deployment.DeploymentException: No property editor for attribute: ControlledDirectories; type=class java.lang.String

      No editor of type java.lang.String for an attribute?.. I don't think so.
      I've then tried to explicity reference the editor:

      in properties-service.xml:
      <attribute name="Editors">java.io.FilenameFilter=au.com.editors.FilenameFilterEditor</attribute>

      which results in:

      No ClassLoaders found for: au.com.editors.FilenameFilterEditor

      since the SAR has not been deployed yet (it is inside an ear).

      So what gives? How and where are you supposed to add a custom property editor?