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    new connection to a database with different user-name

    Oleg Ant Newbie

      Help, please.

      I would like for each user to make new connection to a database.
      Now I have oracle-ds.xml, in him

      <jndi-name> OracleDS </jndi-name>
      <connection-url> jdbc:oracle:thin: vvv103:1521:olg1 </connection-url>
      <driver-class> oracle.jdbc.driver. OracleDriver </driver-class>
      <user-name> JB33 </user-name>
      <exception-sorter-class-name> org.jboss.resource.adapter.jdbc.vendor. OracleExceptionSorter </exception-sorter-class-name>

      How to me for each user to make connection with different user-name?

      Beforehand is grateful