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    ping service in Jboss

    Namrata rastogi Newbie

      Hi , I am looking for a ping API point in Jboss. For monitoring purpose, my managing appserver sends ping operation request to a different appserver which pings itself and returns a status(FAIL/OK and elapsed time) using TIB/HAWK 's AMI mechanism.

      In weblogic , this could be done using the following code
      T3ServicesDef t3_services = T3Services.getT3Services();
      String sent = "Okay";
      String read = null;

      read = t3_services.admin().ping( sent.getBytes() );

      How can I achieve this is Jboss ? I think there is no one to one mapping of API point. I want to know if there is an existing Tomcat service or if I could do this in someway using MBean.

      I am very new to Jboss. Your help is appreciated.
      Thanks, Nam.

      P.S. I have also posted this in Beginner's Corner.