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    Same code

    Claude Ballew Newbie

      First let me state I'm very new to JBOSS and MBeans in general.

      I am basically looking for an example or someone to point me in the right direction to do the following:

      I have a simple database poller that watches tables and sends messages to JMS based on new information hitting those tables. I have this code in several incarnations and it works fine.

      The way I would like to implement as an MBean is make it so someone through just configuration can create new MBean instances ( same code different configurations ) at runtime. Basically it would be the same MBean, but does different work.

      Essentially I want to have an interface that allowed say an admin to create new MBeans or new MBean instances based on configuration using the same code over and over. It was easy enough to implement my previous code as an MBean, but I'm not finding any examples of something like this please ask me additional questions if you need further clarification. Thanks in advance.