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    sar archive deployment dependency

    Jörg Fackler Newbie

      I have got an MBean created like the JNDIMap example.
      Unfortunately one of my classes implements


      which is included in the Tomcat-jars
      (using JBoss 3.2.5 with Tomcat).

      In addition my sar-archive is deployed before tomcat and the
      HttpSessionBindingListener class could not be found.

      My first approach was to use the j2ee.jar in my sar-archive
      but that seems to create an conflict with the ones from tomcat!?

      The next was to use the depends tag in the mbean deployment
      descriptor. But this doesn't work either or I make any mistakes...

      My MBean is a standard MBean with its own Interface, should I
      use one extended from StandardServices instead?

      Any help is appreciated