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    Synchronization method call in my MBean?


      I want blocked exucute some method on my MBean if that method execute allredy. I use in my method doOperation

       //some code......

      For example if Client 1 start remote invocation this method, and after some time Client2 start remote invocation this method, Client2 will wait until invocation from Client1 return result. I write simple MBean for test it.

      public class MyMbean extends org.jboss.system.ServiceMBeanSupport {
       String name = "simple";
       public void start() throws java.lang.Exception {
       public String getName(){
       return name;
       public void stop() {
       public void doOperation(String name,long time){
       System.out.println("start operation " + name);
       catch(Exception e){
       this.name = name;
       System.out.println("stop operation " + name);

      This exaple work fine.
      Is it right method to solve my problem, or under Jboss i must use another method?