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    Classloader issue - class not visible with JNDI lookups


      Here is my problem

      I have one ear - say E1
      E1 has one war - W1 - and one jar containing a web service client to an external web service. Lets call the webservice client jar C1

      From W1, I instantiate the client in C1 and use it to talk to the external web service. One more thing, the client class in C1 uses JNDI to look up the client stub to talk to the web service.

      Everything works fine when W1 uses C1 directly and the web service client is able to talk to the external web service.

      In the second case, I expose the class in W1 that talks to C1, through JMX and invoke the request to talk to C1 through JMX.

      Now I get an exception saying "could not dereference object" pointing to the line in C1 that does the JNDI lookup. It also mentions that the type of class I am trying to lookup through JNDI is not visible to the classloader.

      Any thoughts on what might be the problem here?