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    Mbean dependencies -> jUDDI

    Dylan Honorez Newbie


      I'm trying to make an MBean dependent on jUDDI. What the MBean does is provide a cache that stores a wsdl as a string. So instead of looking up an URL stored in jUDDI, I fetch the full wsdl from the cache.

      The problem is that my cache has to initialize at startup. What it does now is, when only a part of jUDDI is deployed, it starts, and locks JBoss. When I try to make it dependent of other components, it just keeps waiting till the end of the startup procees, that's when I get an Incomplete Deployment listing, saying the component it's waiting for is "NOTYETINSTALLED".

      Can anybody tell me which component to make my cache dependent on? I think I've tried any juddi component in the JMX-console ...