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    New DeploymentService

    Dimitris Andreadis Master

      Available from JBoss v3.2.7RC2 and v4.0.1RC2 there is a new DeploymentService.

      It uses apache-velocity templates and it allows you to generate deployment descriptors or more complex deployment and move them in and out of ./deploy.

      Read more at:

      You may extend the DeploymentService by writing your own templates. This is described in detail at:

      The service is not installed by default. To install the service, "cd docs/examples/varia/deployment-service", then run "ant".

      This will create "server/default/conf/templates", that contains an example template that can be used to create jms-queues and "server/default/deploy/deployment-service.sar" that deployes the deployment service itself.

      Feedback is welcome!