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    Matt Corey Newbie

      I'm interested in using the Statistics Collector described at http://www.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=StatisticsCollector, but I can't find the statscollector.jar file indicated in that Wiki entry... is it included in the JBoss distribution at all? Do I have to build it from CVS?


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          Luc Texier Apprentice

          Get the source code. Compile it.
          The lib is located under /varia/output/lib

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            Matt Corey Newbie

            Excellent -- found it! Thank you...


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              Marek Neumann Novice

              Last time I tried it, the collector did not show any sql stats. Would be great if you could provide an information whether this part is working for you. Thanks.

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                Steve Devore Newbie

                I seem to be having the same problem.. I configure the StatisticsCollector, but the reports all show no activity.

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                  fdsfsd fdsfsdfds Newbie

                  Also coming from the wiki ... and also monitoring method statistics per transaction does not work for me. There are no exceptions or other observable failure s - the transaction-list simply is empty.

                  Does (should) all these work with EJB3?

                  Is anyone out there? - since this trace is unhandled since November last year?


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                    fdsfsd fdsfsdfds Newbie

                    Obviously there is no one out there - so I keep talking to myself. Sorry for my rude englisch in advance!

                    I analyzed the sources of statscollector and it seems thas EJB3 can not be handled by TxStatisticsInterceptor.java. But it's quite easy to enable EJB3-support: I just intruduced a new EJB3-typical EJB3Interceptor instead of TxStatisticsInterceptor - the rest of the code is working further on.

                    The DataSource interceptor service still does not work for me because of the 'java:/DSInterceptor' seems just to be a JNDI-ressource which probably could be invoked by EJB2-descriptors but I need a 'tx-datasource' for the EJB2-persistence-unit - anyone any idea how to manage that?

                    Further on I tried to adopt the sources for my needs - which was/is really wicked: There are no source-code-comments at all and I can't see any possibility to extend the current object-structure to bring them to do just a penny more than it does now.


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                      fdsfsd fdsfsdfds Newbie


                      "somefoo" wrote:

                      ... but I need a 'tx-datasource' for the EJB*2*-persistence-unit - anyone any idea how to manage that?

                      The above is (of course) a typo: I would need a EJB*3*-persistence-unit - there is no such thing as a Persistence-unit in EJB2, is it?

                      Just further on for the non-listening and non-answering jboss-people ;-)
                      My monitoring tool is in a final state now - I'am just interested in transaction-data, which works quite well with the given structure - asaide from the mentioned ('sub-optimal' OO-design) which made all changes und extensions a little bit tricky - .


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                        Heiko Rupp Master

                        For the EJB3 PU, you can (if you use JBoss EJB3) enable Hibernate statistics and use stats from there.
                        Else, the underlying datasource is the same for EJB2 and EJB3.
                        So have a look at the respecive ConnectionPool-MBeans etc.

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                          Cezary Ulita Newbie

                          I was trying to build Stats Collector, but kept getting lots of errors and warnings...

                          Could anyone be so kind and provide me already built .jar file? Or at least explain me what versions of jdk/ant/whatever else meaningful to the build process should i have...

                          Already tried to build it with jdk 1.4,1.5,1.6 with the corresponding Ant version... whole JBoss project builds successfully except of Stats Collector :/

                          please help me with that,
                          thanks in advance

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                            Cezary Ulita Newbie

                            ok, nvm the one above... i finally managed to build this joy ;]

                            now i have problems with deploying collector...keep throwing that TransactionManager is not bound...

                            Anyone can help with that issue?

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                              mark spencer Newbie

                              Which release of JBoss are you using ?
                              The only time I've met this Exception was when embedding ejb3 on another Web Container (And it turned out I was missing some stuff from jboss-embedded-beans.xml)