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    a4j:push question about listeners

    Samuel Doyle Apprentice

      Can you only have one a4j:push defined in a page or can you have multiple ones being defined in different AjaxRegions on the page? In addition what If I call the same

      <a4j:push reRender="msg" eventProducer="#{messageBean.addListener}" interval="3000"/>

      for each AjaxRegion on the page? Do I then need to maintain a list of listeners instead of having just one? In that case is there any issues regarding adding and removing of these listeners or do you just assume that eventually a session will expire either through timeout or the user logging out and they get garbage collected? This brings up another point. What happens if the user loads the same page multiple times? Do I keep getting new requests to add event listeners for the same event?

      Thanks, S.D.